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Kovač, Dejan

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 14/07/2015

Who's Faust and who Mephistopheles?

In the last few days of the Greek debt dispute it's been hard to tell who is in the role of Doctor Faust and who in that of Mephistopheles, the centre-left daily Dnevnik concludes: "The question isn't what price one would be ready to sell his soul for, but who has in fact sold it. The Eurozone, which together with the ECB and the IMF has betrayed trust in established regulations in order to maintain the outward vitality of the EU project? Greece, which is working together with the criminals to prepare an injection of funds that was rejected in the referendum? Or is Mephistopheles the spirit behind the capital that gives with one hand and takes with the other? Are the imposed reforms a political attempt to let neoliberalism win out against the welfare state in the EU?"

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