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Kouvelakis, Stathis

Professor, King's College, London, The PressProject, Greece

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The Press Project - Greece | 09/07/2015

The referendum as a collective hallucination

Stathis Kouvelakis, a member of the Syriza leadership and political scientist at King's College in London, criticises the resumption of negotiations between Athens and its creditors on the alternative website ThePressProject: "How can an overwhelming 'no' to austerity be interpreted as a green light for a new austerity memorandum? … What was the point of holding a referendum if something even worse and more restrictive than EU Commission President Juncker's proposals is now to be signed? What was the point of the no campaign? And of course: why did the no camp win such a resounding victory? … The absurd thing about this is that people are acting as if nothing had happened, as if the referendum was a collective illusion. … But the referendum took place and it wasn't an illusion. … Let's say with all clarity that any attempt to invalidate the people's will is hubris in the old sense of the word. He who dares lead the country and the left into submission and humiliation better be ready for his nemesis."

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