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Kouros, Giorgos

Naftemporiki, Greece

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Naftemporiki - Greece | 21/09/2015

The last round in Athens

What is needed after the elections in Greece is a will for consensus and cooperation, the conservative daily Naftemporiki urges: "The elections are over and everyone should now face up to the hard reality. Greece must now be ruled by people who have recognised that everything hangs in the balance over the next three years. Either we're successful or none of us will be rescued. To avoid the latter scenario, our politicians must put their party interests aside and do their utmost to enable all of us to overcome our difficulties together. ... Today the last round in Greece's fight for survival begins. The number of victims has already been high in the last few years. And because of the mistakes of recent months the number of future victims will also be high."

Naftemporiki - Greece | 12/11/2014

Athens more gentle towards big tax debtors

A new regulation gives Greek taxpayers the option to pay off their tax debts in up to 100 instalments. The conservative business paper Naftemporiki sees the new law as a sensible step but complains that above all those with the biggest debts will benefit: "That's how it is in Greece: the bigger your debts and the more people you owe money to, the more you are respected. Simply because everyone is afraid of losing their money. So these people are treated gently and protected. ... That's how the state treats this category of taxpayer. But those who owe just small sums are persecuted and their assets confiscated and auctioned off. ... The new regulation may be necessary and beneficial for all, the taxpayer, the market and the economy. But once again it is the wily ones who are getting off lightly."

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