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Kotynek, Martin

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 10/01/2011

Diseased agriculture behind dioxin scandal

Germany's Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner wants to draw the consequences from the scandal over dioxin-tainted food products, and will meet today with producers of animal feed. The left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung has harsh words for both the minister and EU agriculture policy: "The really strange thing is that despite all the scandals - tainted cheese from Italy's dairies, dioxin-tainted meat from Ireland, antibiotics in Dutch veal - Europe's agriculture politicians haven't stopped pushing for more output. ... Like a tumour that gradually destroys its means of sustenance, industrial agriculture contaminates the ground water with nitrates, destroys fertile soil, accelerates the extinction of species and is massively influencing climate change. ... But that doesn't stop the European Union from pumping 60 billion euros a year into this system - almost half of the entire EU budget. ... And not long ago, together with the agriculture lobby, the federal agricultural minister Ilse Aigner advocated changing as little as possible in this inequitable system."

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