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Kotsovou, Angeliki

Naftemporiki, Greece

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Naftemporiki - Greece | 19/10/2015

Waive some of Athens's debt now

After weeks of wrangling the newly elected parliament in Athens approved the first austerity package that forms the basis for new loans for the country. Now the creditors must start thinking about debt relief, the conservative business paper Naftemporiki urges: "The challenge now consists not only in getting money from the international creditors but above all in securing promises from the EU partners regarding debt relief. Brussels said a good 'grade' in the evaluation of the austerity programme [in November] was the main condition for a debate about debt relief that could breathe new life into the Greek economy. It is no coincidence that on the day of the vote Washington intervened once more. The International Monetary Fund has made it clear that measures that make Greek debt more sustainable are a precondition for its participation in the third bailout programme."

Naftemporiki - Greece | 11/08/2015

Only growth will get Greece back on its feet

The Greek government and Athens' creditors agreed this Tuesday morning on the basis of a third loan package. The conservative business daily Naftemporiki points out that what the country really needs is the chance of growth: "How can we demand more taxes from the citizens of an already 'ruined' economy? How, after the dramatic events of the last few weeks, the capital controls, the political insecurity and the tragic decline of the investment climate, can we expect the country to return to the capital markets and liberate itself from the austerity memorandums? The answer to the key questions can be summarised in a single word: growth. … But the path to growth must lead to reforms that increase competitiveness and exports. The Greek authorities and the international creditors should both learn from past mistakes and steer clear of devastating strategies this time around."

Naftemporiki - Greece | 27/05/2015

Europe not just about the powerful

Greece's Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis repeated on Monday that the international lenders' insistence on the principle of austerity constitutes the major obstacle to an agreement between Athens and its creditors. The conservative daily Naftemporiki also calls for a more accommodating stance: "Austerity or growth? For five years no one has come up with a clear answer to this question. ... Time is passing frighteningly fast, and both sides remain entrenched behind their 'red' lines. The most awkward aspect here is that they both have good arguments to support their positions. On the one side we have the Greek government, which respects the mandate of voters who are suffering under the austerity measures. On the other we have the EU partners, who demand that the government hold to its agreements. In a family like Europe, however, all members - and not just the powerful ones - must have a say."

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