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Kotolny, Matus

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Dennik N - Slovakia | 22/06/2015

Prime Minister Fico backs right-wing extremists

Several thousand right-wing extremists demonstrated - some of them violently - against the reception of refugees and the supposed threat of Islamisation in Bratislava on Saturday. Prime Minister Robert Fico said the demonstrators were preaching to the converted as his government is also against taking in refugees. The liberal daily Dennik N is appalled: "No one's expecting the PM to head a movement to block neo-Nazis who are screaming racist slogans and giving the Nazi salute. But what one can expect from a leader, especially from a social democrat, is a clear position and a condemnation of racist speech and violent attacks. But what does Fico do? He says that his government has the correct approach to the EU refugee policy. A disgrace! ... With his repeated statements on the terrorist threat posed by migrants, Fico bears partial responsibility for Saturday's violence."

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