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Kotofolos, Giannis

Kathimerini, Greece

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Kathimerini - Greece | 11/01/2009

A fragmented Europe?

The EU is in the midst of a profound political crisis owing to the lack of consensus among its members, the daily Kathimerini writes. "While the US, China and Russia can all make avail of united political forces which are able to put together a plan to counter the economic crisis with relative ease, ... the EU is having difficulties even accomplishing the most obvious goal: ... finding a common policy. This economic crisis appears ... to lead to either the destruction of the vision of a united Europe or to an acceleration of the processes resulting in a politically united Europe. Europe needs a voice, a direction and a united role in the global system. In its present fragmented state, in which all that holds it together are a common currency and a single market, it will not be able to deal with the crisis and the restructuring of the markets."

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