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Kostova, Eva

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Duma - Bulgaria | 23/09/2015

Bulgarians not really earning more

Salaries and wages in Bulgaria have risen more rapidly than in other EU member states since the start of 2015, according to a recent Eurostat report. The statistics fail to reflect the inequalities of the situation, the left-wing daily Duma points out: "If Ivan earns five leva and Dragan earns 95, according to the statistics they each earn an average of 50 leva. But at the end of the month Ivan still has five leva while Dragan has 95. Most jobs in Bulgaria, apart from those in the IT sector, are miserably paid. At the social security offices, the employment agencies, at libraries and museums thousands of public servants and employees barely earn more than the minimum wage [184 euros per month]. … The government must show courage and find a way to drastically increase the incomes of Bulgarians. It must intervene in the economy, as other civilised states do, and it must stop hiding behind hypocritical excuses about why Bulgarians aren't receiving decent pay."

Duma - Bulgaria | 09/03/2012

Bulgarians seek their fortune abroad

Since the end of communism 16 percent of all Bulgarians of working age have left their home country and 20 percent have the firm intention of doing so, according to a study presented by the International Trade Union Confederation on Thursday in Sofia. The socialist daily Duma understands why: "I would rather go and be a lackey abroad if I know that in time I can achieve more," a young man who has just gained a diploma in tourist management explains. His words best explain why so many Bulgarians go abroad even though there, far away from their roots, they will always be strangers among strangers. Even though their children will improve the demographics and social security services of other countries while their parents remain in Bulgaria in poverty. … It's only human to seek one's fortune in a better place. There may be problems there, unemployment and poverty, but at least there's also the hope 'that in time one can achieve more'."

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