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Kostova, Diana

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Webcafé - Bulgaria | 23/01/2015

Romania fights corruption, Bulgaria doesn't

According to a current index by Transparency International, Bulgaria and Romania are the most corrupt countries in the EU. But unlike Bulgaria, Romania can point to impressive breakthroughs in the fight against corruption, the online portal Webcafé writes: "On paper Bulgaria has all the necessary means for fighting corruption. ... Yet not a single politician has been convicted. ... In the meantime on the other side of the Danube the Romanians, who've always been put in the same boat with us, have made huge progress in fighting corruption. Last year there were more than 280 convictions there. More than 4,000 new corruption proceedings have been initiated against executives and high-level bureaucrats. Five judges, three prosecutors, the ex-prime minister Adrian Nastase, the media mogul Dan Voiculescu - one of the richest men in Romania, four other ex-ministers, a former MEP and eleven mayors have been convicted, and some of them are now behind bars."

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