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Kostova, Boryana

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Duma - Bulgaria | 04/04/2012

Bulgarians are unhappy people

According to a report presented on Monday in New York during a UN conference on alternative economic indicators, the Bulgarians are among the ten unhappiest nations in the world. The socialist daily Duma is not surprised: "The people are sinking into poverty. The wages are like those in the Third World. ... Two-thirds of the country's senior citizens can afford just a loaf of bread and a yoghurt per day with their pensions. The education and healthcare systems have collapsed, not to mention the economy and the agricultural sector. There were times when Bulgarian products were hit exports worldwide. Today, former electronics factories produce plastic cups and the military factories make sneakers, and if things go on like this soon all we will be producing is tooth picks. … Unemployment is choking people and the young are fleeing abroad. … What do we have to be happy about? Nothing."

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