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Kostadinova, Svetla

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Standart - Bulgaria | 01/05/2012

Civil servants must be effective, not mobile

The Bulgarian government wants to move parts of its ministries and public offices from the capital Sofia to other cities, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced on Sunday. The goal is to decentralise the administration and increase the bureaucrats' mobility. But it would be much better to increase their effectiveness, the daily Standart writes: "First of all these offices must be more competent, provide better services and introduce higher wages accordingly. Then you can still think about whether to move them out of Sofia. At the moment it's far more important to lower the number of public servants and to reduce administrative pressure on the private sector than to scatter our civil servants across the country. ... Such a measure has to be well considered. You've got to weigh up carefully whether the expected results justify the effort and expense. Because if they don't, those who are subject to the control of these offices and depend on their work will suffer the most."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 31/01/2012

Bulgaria first needs reforms

Bulgaria has signed the fiscal pact for greater budget discipline. But to adhere to the new budget rules and to benefit from them on the long term the EU's poorest country must first implement drastic reforms, writes the daily 24 Chasa: "In signing the fiscal pact, Bulgaria has committed itself to a sound budget policy. But what about the commitment to introducing pressing reforms? The pension reform should have been implemented three years ago, there hasn't even been a proper debate over the healthcare reform and the administrative reform has been limited to closing down a few offices and institutes. Without reforms the European fiscal pact won't make us one bit more prosperous or competitive. It could serve those in government as a good basis for distinguishing themselves as genuine reformers. But first they must be clear that that's what they really want."

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