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Kossenko, Renata

Kossenko, Renata

Born in Riga in 1984. Moved to Moscow in 1988. Studied political science at the Moscow State University of Linguistics. Wrote her degree thesis on the influence of the mass media on the political process in Russia and Germany.

Renata Kossenko commutes between Russia and Germany and works for Russian and German media. During her last stay in Germany she did an internship with the Greens in the Bundestag. In 2008 she became editor for environmental issues with the youth newspaper Akzia in Moscow. She also collaborates on film productions and is currently working on a German documentary about the fate of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Since her research trip to the radioactive area near Chelyabinsk she has become an active member of Greenpeace Russia. Renata Kossenko has been a member of n-ost since 2005.

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1.  Article | 04/10/2008

Radiating certainty

First came the dust, then the silence – fifty years ago radioactive waste exploded in the Russian nuclear plant Mayak. The victims are still fighting for recognition today. » more

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