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Kosová, Ingrid

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Pravda - Slovakia | 19/01/2012

Roma discrimination bothers no one

A Slovakian district court on Wednesday banned special classes for Roma children as ethnic discrimination. That sounds all very well and good, writes the left-leaning daily Pravda, but society as a whole is content with the system as it now is: "The example of the Czech Republic shows how very utopian this ruling is. The discrimination there was even condemned by the European Court of Human Rights in 2007, without that changing a thing. Who is going to go along with having their children's education slowed down because they have to sit in the same class with dirty, half-naked, starving Roma kids? ... Why don't we up the pressure on politicians to introduce nationwide programmes for supporting and motivating the Roma children? No one cares if human rights will continue to be violated. In the case of the Roma not even the parents themselves."

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