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Kosmidis, Pier

Eleftheros Typos , Greece

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Eleftheros Typos - Greece | 06/12/2010

Greece marginalises the disabled

On December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, more than 3,000 disabled persons from all over Greece gathered in Athens to protest against government policy in front of the parliamentary buildings. According to the statistics 84 percent of the country's disabled have no access to the labour market. However this is due not just to the indifference of the state but also the indifference of the people, the daily Eleftheros Typos contends: "If the basic infrastructure on the streets, in public buildings and in most museums is lacking then it's clear why disabled and blind persons feel marginalised by the state. A society which still sees people who are different as stigmatised and where people with disabilities are excluded can't call itself free and just. But it is not just the incompetent state that is to blame, which fails to guarantee most of its citizens' rights, but every one of us ... when we park in front of a wheel chair ramp or look away when a blind person tries to cross the dangerous streets of our cities."

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