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Koskinen, Petri

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Kauppalehti - Finland | 31/03/2014

Europe dependent on Russian gas for now

During his visit to Europe, US President Barack Obama pushed US liquefied gas as an alternative to energy supplies from Russia. But Europe's dependency on Russian gas can't be reduced in the short term, the business paper Kauppalehti writes: "Before being shipped, shale gas from the US must first be liquefied, and the capacities of the liquefaction plants won't allow for a quick increase in exports. Most American gas terminals are set up to import gas. Transforming them into export terminals will cost time and money. And in Europe an infrastructure is needed to bring the gas from the terminals to customers. ... It will take at least four to five years to significantly raise imports of American gas. Until that time, the only alternatives to Russian gas come from Norway or Qatar. But Europe's only real option is gas from Russia."

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