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Kosi, Gregor

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Večer - Slovenia | 28/11/2012

Protest against mayor rouses Maribor

In the Slovenian city of Maribor an estimated 10,000 people gathered again to protest against Mayor Franc Kangler on Monday. The citizens are calling for his resignation because he is facing no less than 10 legal proceedings on allegations of corruption and abuse of office. This rebellion against the municipal leader has achieved what the city's stint as European Capital of Culture failed to accomplish, the conservative daily Večer notes: "So it seems the European Capital of Culture was most successful with a project which received no funding, and for which there was no PR or opening speech. Despite the buildings that were promised but never constructed and the short-lived nature of the artistic projects, and the fact that all the energy and the money failed to attract the most important players and institutions, something has come to life that gives the city hope for the future. And this has the greatest potential for durability and development, because it has restored the citizens' passion for life. The city has raised its voice."

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