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Korucu, Bülent

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Zaman - Turkey | 03/03/2015

Charges against journalist politically motivated

The investigative journalist Mehmet Baransu was arrested in Turkey on Monday, accused of betraying state secrets when he passed on evidence for the intended putsch "Operation Sledgehammer" to the judiciary in 2010 and published it. The accusations are politically motivated, the Islamic-conservative pro-Gülen daily Zaman believes: "Baransu is a prizewinning journalist. He is the most recent victim of an increasingly repressive state, and his arrest is the final step in a process in which violations of press freedom and the right to information have become the norm. The punishments handed down in the Sledgehammer trial have been upheld by the Supreme Court. If they are deemed to be problematic, the judicial system must answer for it. ... The arrest of the journalist on the basis of such meagre evidence is not only a further encroachment on freedom of the press. It also adds weight to the view that the plans for the Sledgehammer putsch were perfectly true."

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