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Kortteinen, Juhani

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Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | 25/07/2008

Discrimination damages the EU

In an article for Helsingin Sanomat Juhani Kortteinen of the International League of Human Rights examines the consequences of discrimination in the EU. "Even though discrimination takes on different forms, at the centre is always a human being who because of his background ... is deprived of equal opportunities. ... Naturally, ethnic minorities are not the only victims of discrimination. People with disabilities, women and homosexuals are still frequently subjected to discrimination. ... Serious cases of discrimination within the EU pose a threat not only to the fundamental rights of the Union, but also to the entire process of EU integration. ... Diversity at the workplace and elsewhere in society can be a useful resource both for companies and society as a whole. The economic and other costs of discrimination are higher for society than the cost of protecting equal rights and the opportunities for diversity."

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