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Kort, Katharina

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 12/12/2014

Renzi against the old system

Criticism of the labour market reform is just a pretext for the trade unions' strike, the liberal business daily Handelsblatt suspects: "This is in fact a trial of strength with Matteo Renzi. The prime minister took office with the intention of scrapping the old system. And the trade unions won't stop him. For Renzi, they're part of the old Italy that needs to be changed. ... Italy's trade unions have a legitimation problem. Not just because the majority of the members they represent no longer work any more and receive pensions instead, but also because they cling to the old image of the 'big bad capitalist'. ... The government must not loose the courage to break with the past - including people and old practices. ... If it caves in to the pressure from the old lobby groups or the old party leadership it will be lost. And the country along with it."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 10/12/2012

Berlusconi's return would be a disaster for Italy

It would be nothing short of a catastrophe for Italy if Berlusconi returned to the political scene, the liberal daily Handelsblatt writes, appalled at the prospect: "Only at the start of this week has the risk premium on Italian bonds sunk below 300 basis points for the first time since the start of the year. Not just the state, but also businesses are breathing a cautious sigh of relief. But Berlusconi's reappearance crushes not just this hope. The Italian government crisis must cause the Eurozone to tremble in fear again, too. One can understand why Monti is resigning: otherwise he would have become a foil for political manoeuvring on Berlusconi's part. With his surprisingly abrupt departure, Monti has stripped Berlusconi of the opportunity to take a populist stance and pose as Italy's saviour. ... The return of Berlusconi would be the worst-case scenario for the country. Because the 76-year-old makes no bones about what he wants this time: to take vengeance on the judiciary that's on his back. That is his political priority - even though the country has many other worries."

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