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Koronics, Márton

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Gondola - Hungary | 16/06/2009

Jobbik now part of the political establishment

The conservative news portal Gondola reflects on the strong results achieved by the extreme right-wing Jobbik party in the European elections: "On election night the body language of Jobbik's top candidate Krisztina Morvai spoke volumes. Her every gesture made it clear that if you eat from the pan you risk burning your mouth. ... The fact is it's far easier to shout directions from the sidelines than to score a goal yourself according to rules you barely know. ... Everything points to Jobbik having fallen into its own trap: the party has nothing concrete to show its radical and impatient voters. ... No sooner has it become a part of the Hungarian political establishment than it is already shifting responsibility onto other people's shoulders. Moreover the party scrupulously avoids saying anything it will have to defend later on. ... But sooner or later Jobbik will have to be accountable to its voters."

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