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Kormbaki, Marina

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Märkische Allgemeine - Germany | 10/12/2015

NSU murder series needs political inquiry too

The neo-Nazi terror suspect Beate Zschäpe denied any complicity in the series of murders committed by the NSU terrorist cell in court on Wednesday. Her statement is implausible, but it also shows that the expectations of the trial are too high, writes the regional paper Märkische Allgemeine: "Neither a panel of investigators nor a panel of historians are hearing the case in courtroom 101 of the Higher Regional Court of Munich. And certainly not a truth commission. This is a trial. The presiding judge is doing his best to bring to light the details of this series of crimes. But the court is not the right place for a comprehensive clarification of the NSU case. … So it is good that the Bundestag has now decided to set up a new, second NSU investigating committee. … It may be that the criminal proceedings of the NSU crimes are gradually coming to an end. But the political processing of the NSU complex is far from concluded."

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