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Koritarov, Georgi

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 17/03/2009

Strike demonstrates importance of police

More than 5,000 Bulgarian police officers went on strike on the weekend. The conservative daily Novinar comments on their demands for a 50 percent salary hike plus changes in legislation aimed at improving security: "The national call for a strike that brought thousands of policemen on to the streets of Sofia is the strongest signal sent to the Bulgarian state and society in years. Strikes and union protest actions are part and parcel of democracy. No one is surprised when a professional group resorts to such measures nowadays to defend its interests. But when the police stages protests it is not a normal union action. These are the people who strive to ensure public order and security. This is the state force aimed at fighting crime. When thousands of police organise a national protest they are showing through this gesture that in the crisis they too are one of the major components of statehood."

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