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Korhonen, Johanna

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Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | 23/02/2011

Johanna Korhonen on wheeling and dealing Finnish men

Nothing seems to stand in the way of Erkki Liikanen being re-elected as President of the Finnish central bank in July. Even before the deadline for registering candidacies expires Liikanen is already being talked of as the most competent candidate, Johanna Korhonen complains in the liberal daily Helsingin Sanomat, saying that in Finland the men settle the most important decisions among themselves: "We live in a Finland of men, where things are 'already agreed' or 'just the way they are' and no one finds this strange. In this Finland of men it's normal that the elite steers the country first one way and then the other without consulting its apathetic population. ... In this Finland of men tax data and official appointments are private matters. If an ill-mannered 'democracy activist' dares to object he is immediately written off as envious, bitter or a loser. So I too am better off showing humility. Sorry, Sorry! The worst thing about this internal corruption is that we can no longer even imagine living in a different culture."

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