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Korai, Christina, Greece

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 07/03/2012

Greek potato movement exposes profiteers

Consumers in Greece are buying potatoes directly from farmers and then selling them on the Internet at prices considerably lower than those offered by retailers. The news portal Aixmi supports the so-called cheap potato movement and calls on the government to finally do something about price-fixing in the retail trade: "It takes something like this to happen in poor little Greece for the extent of the tragedy to come to light. Everyone knows of these scandalous dealings that no one could do anything about: the cut-throat profiteering of the distributors and middlemen. ... The irresponsible bureaucrats in the Development Ministry and the Hellenic Competition Commission knew how this business worked but did nothing to stop it. ... The potato movement will point the way forward and get these incompetent politicians to start thinking about why Greeks pay twice as much for a box of detergent than the French or the Germans, and why Greek yoghurt is cheaper in London than it is in Drapetsona [a suburb of Piraeus]."

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