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Kopušar, Sebastijan

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Delo - Slovenia | 01/04/2015

Nuclear talks with Iran must continue

The nuclear talks with Iran are to be continued. They were scheduled to end on Tuesday but the parties have yet to reach an agreement in Lausanne. If one considers the potential consequences of a break-down in the talks it's clear that further negotiations are absolutely necessary, the left-liberal daily Delo comments: "Although Russia is currently waging a war against Nato it is committed to further negotiations. That shows that the Iranian nuclear bomb is a real threat. It's a threat also because we don't know what Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would do with it. Another threat is the nuclear arms race this would trigger in the region. The Middle East is already splitting up into Sunni and Shiite parts. A fixed agreement would therefore be relevant for many problems."

Delo - Slovenia | 02/01/2015

Iraq is a warning for Afghan pullout

Nato ended its military mission in Afghanistan on December 31. 12,000 soldiers are now to remain stationed in the country to train and support the Afghani armed forces. But the withdrawal won't solve the problems, the left-liberal daily Delo points out: "The US debacle in Iraq should serve as a warning of what happens when the patient is left to recover on his own after receiving the wrong treatment. The world must put pressure above all on Saudi Arabia and the Pakistani generals who are keeping the Taliban clique afloat. Moreover Afghanistan will require financial aid and help for its security forces for many years to come. It also needs help setting up its judicial and school systems, and strengthening civil society. Because the best defence against medieval regimes is books, not more weapons."

Delo - Slovenia | 30/05/2014

Obama's fatal counter-terrorism plan

In a speech delivered at West Point military academy, US President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that the US would in future rely more on international cooperation than solo military operations in its foreign policy. The left-liberal daily Delo criticises Obama's plans to set up a five billion dollar "counter-terrorism partnerships fund" to train military units in states under threat of terrorist attacks: "Similar measures are to blame for bloody wars like that in Nicaragua [where the US supported rebels in their fight against the leftist government in the civil war from 1981 to 1990], others have only dragged the US deeper into the dirt. Osama Bin Laden's terrorist network is an offshoot of the mujahideen whom the Americans themselves once armed for the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. The medieval regimes won't be helped out of the darkness with more weapons, but with more books. Malala Youzafzai should develop the US's foreign policy strategy."

Delo - Slovenia | 10/09/2013

Russia comes to US's rescue

Russia's proposal on Syria could help the US out of its diplomatic impasse, the left-liberal daily Delo comments: "The US may be dreadful in the role of world policeman, but it's the only one we have. This became clear in the Balkans after the tardy intervention in Bosnia and the fighting in Kosovo. It is ironic that perhaps Russia's diplomacy will now help the US out of its present dilemma. After Moscow's appeal to Damascus to place its chemical weapons under international control, John Kerry's ultimatum to Assad yesterday has mutated from a rhetoric device to an opportunity. It could allow the White House to avoid embarrassment and Assad to escape the US missiles. But it won't do anything to alter the bloody reality that every 45 minutes five Syrians die. Even if there are no more chemical weapons."

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