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Koppe, Iris

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 06/06/2008

Disrespectful treatment of female football players

Ahead of the start of the European Football Championships, the Dutch daily examines the attitude towards women in football in the Netherlands. It writes that the programme "EM Lingerie" currently being aired on the commercial TV station Veronica is symptomatic of the problem. It features women in their underwear shooting penalty shots. "Apparently men think it is great to watch attractive women who have not got a clue about how to play football giggling and worrying more about their boobs popping out of their bikinis than scoring a goal. While in the US and Germany women's football is broadcast on television and the players receive a lot of admiration and respect, the Netherlands still laughs at women who play football. ... Every week thousands of female football players do their best to earn respect. Every year female football professionals try to get women's football into television. But no one takes women's football seriously and the players are never invited to talk shows. Here they prefer to watch big boobs shooting penalties."

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