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Kłopotowski, Krzysztof

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 17/04/2008

Advertising on Polish television

The reform of Poland's public broadcasting corporation TVP is currently under discussion in Poland. In a first step, parliament has abolished TV licence fees for pensioners. Film critic Krzysztof Kłopotowski appeals to TVP to ban commercials on channel one of Polish television. "At least one station, perhaps TVP 1, should be freed entirely of the burden of commercials and the race for higher viewer ratings. The number of viewers may go down, but at least the quality would improve. Viewers would be able to exert intellectual influence on those around them, bolstered by a decent public television station. Other stations could then remain commercial, like many other state companies. What's important is that the supervisory board and the managers of TVP show the nation and society their determination to preserve a great cultural and educational institution."

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