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Kopeinig, Margaretha

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1.  Kurier - Austria | 07/04/2015

Tsipras putting off EU partners with Moscow trip

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected in Moscow on Wednesday. The conservative daily Kurier warns that Tsipras could endanger the EU's common policy in ... » more

2.  Kurier - Austria | 12/02/2015

Concessions on both sides needed

The Eurozone and Athens need to find a compromise in the debt dispute because so much is at stake for both sides, the liberal daily ... » more

3.  Kurier - Austria | 30/09/2014

Commission hearings exemplary for all Europe

The questioning of the candidates for the new European Commission which began on Monday is a sign of functioning democracy in the liberal daily Kurier's ... » more

4.  Kurier - Austria | 24/10/2011

Europe paralysed

The EU heads of state and government want to save Greece and soothe the financial markets at another summit on Wednesday. But the liberal daily ... » more

5.  Kurier - Austria | 16/12/2010

Juncker is right

The heads of state and government at the EU summit in Brussels have agreed on setting up a permanent debt-crisis mechanism for the Eurozone. But ... » more

6.  Kurier - Austria | 08/12/2010

EU and Russia depend on each other

At the EU-Russia summit on Monday in Brussels the European Union paved the way for Russia to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Both sides ... » more

7.  Kurier - Austria | 09/02/2010

EU faces Herculean task

The newly appointed EU Commission faces a daunting set of tasks, writes the daily Kurier: "If this body wants to keep being the motor, think ... » more

8.  Kurier - Austria | 26/11/2009

More pay for EU officials immoral

There is a vigorous debate in the EU at present about raising the salaries of more than 35,000 EU officials. The EU official's demands for ... » more


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