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Kontek, Tomasz

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Fakt - Poland | 19/09/2012

Poland must stop being afraid of Germany

Eleven EU foreign ministers adopted a model for the future EU in Warsaw on Monday, according to which the Union would become "more capable of acting, more transparent and more democratic". At the meeting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and his Polish counterpart Radoslaw Sikorski called for the EU countries to transfer more powers to Brussels as a means of overcoming the debt crisis. The conservative tabloid Fakt supports this demand: "If the joint proposal of the two foreign ministers isn't taken seriously we will have to each fight for ourselves, but then we won't have much chance of winning. … We Poles prefer to point to the threat of becoming a satellite state of Germany. But we should accept that Germany dictates the conditions [simply because of its size]. Because we must realise that the country is no longer ruled by Hitler, but by a chancellor who is subject to democratic controls."

Fakt - Poland | 18/08/2010

Polish conservatives unhappy at sale of confectionery

Poland's monopoly authorities approved on Tuesday the sale of the Polish confectionery company Wedel by its British owner Cadbury to the Japanese industrial holding Lotte. The EU had made the planned takeover of Cadbury by the US company Kraft conditional on the sale. The tabloid Fakt pokes fun at conservative Polish politicians who are unhappy with the deal: "Such a disgrace! Yet again all those opposed to the sale of national assets are up in arms. That is, unless they have taken a little time to look into the matter. For years now the company that produces the best chocolate in the world has belonged to the English, and they bought it from the Americans. Now they have to get rid of it again so they can join up with other Americans in Europe. And let's not forget, the founder of the company was a German confectioner. All of this gives us a very good taste of sweet globalisation."

Fakt - Poland | 10/08/2010

Politicians evade responsibility

Disastrous floods on the weekend destroyed more than 1,000 houses and caused heavy damage in the south-western Polish city of Stadt Bogatynia. The tabloid Fakt is annoyed that no one is willing to assume responsibility for the extent of the damage: "The mayor complains that no one warned him about the tidal wave. The minister responded that his officials informed the districts about the weather forecast, 'but someone didn't take it seriously enough'. Which of the two is lying? They won't tell us. It's irrelevant. But it simply cannot be that no one is to blame for the destruction of the city. The hydrologist responsible for the area can say that 'you can't win against nature'. ... They can repeat a hundred times that a situation like that in Bogatynia couldn't be predicted. ... But it was raining, it rains again and again and it will continue to do so."

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