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Konstantakopoulos, Dimitris

Epikaira, Greece

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Dromos tis Aristeras - Greece | 08/02/2014

Reunification would lead to exodus from Cyprus

The peace talks which commence on Tuesday are aimed at finding a solution for Cyprus that foresees the reunification of the Greek and Turkish parts of the island. The left-leaning weekly Dromos tis Aristeras criticises that such a solution would drive many Greek Cypriots to leave the country: "The true danger lies in the abolishment of the democracy, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Cyprus in the name of an alleged reunification. Such a reunification nearly came about in 2004 through the Annan Plan supported by the US, the UK and Cypriot politicians. ... However these plans will not lead to a solution but only reignite the dormant dispute over Cyprus and lead to a similar scenario to that which we are seeing in Bosnia. ... The loss of their state will prompt many Greek Cypriots to emigrate. The new state would progressively become a Cyprus without Greeks, a process which is already under way because of the austerity memoranda and the current policies." - Greece | 25/03/2013

Cypriots must show their fighting spirit

In a letter to a Cypriot friend the Greek journalist Dimitrios Konstandakopoulos offers some advice on his blog: "You have only one option now: the introduction a Spartan war economy. … Gather your SUVs and all other evidence of your newly acquired wealth and consumption and burn it. … Concentrate on surviving and supporting each other. Organise a political and communicational counterattack across Europe. Get ready to introduce a new currency, but don't take the initiative on leaving the Eurozone or the EU. Use your leeway vis-à-vis Russia and China. Resort to all the legal instruments you have in the EU. Don't complain about the Russians. I don't think Mr Sarris [the Cypriot finance minister] presented a serious offer in Moscow [or really wanted a deal with Russia]. And I don't think Mr Putin would be enthusiastic about helping a president who has promised to make Cyprus a Nato member and give his oil to Israel."

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