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Konstandinidis, Iordanis

Phileletheros, Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 14/06/2009

Internet changes reading habits

Journalist Iordanis Konstandinidis reflects in the daily Phileleftheros on the social importance of reading, which is changing as a result of the Internet: "People no longer read. … [A study] estimates that in the past year around 40 percent of people living in the West (North America and Europe) tried to read a book. Many didn't even finish it. And 39 percent never even opened a newspaper. The figures are even more dramatic when it comes to youths. However the Internet is very popular. … [The Irish writer] C.S. Lewis once said that people write because they are alone and 'We read to know that we are not alone'. Nowadays no one feels alone. Not even because of the loneliness of sitting at the computer. The social networks Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and MMORPGs [the online games] are becoming more and more popular. Is it perhaps this digital social hyperactivity that is having a negative impact on reading? … What is the meaning of reading and writing?"

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