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Komárek, Michal

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Blog Aktuálně.cz - Czech Republic | 20/05/2011

Czech media too trashy

The coverage in Czech media of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair and Lars von Trier's Hitler statements illustrates how even serious media are adopting a tabloid style, writes Michal Komárek in his blog for Aktualně.cz: "It's possible that Strauss-Kahn is a violent macho, but it's also possible that this is a plot. The Czech media, however, won't hear of a presumption of innocence. They're using the whole affair to address people's lowest instincts. Now they are persecuting Lars von Trier with inaccurate headlines even though they know that he was only provoking with his black humour at Cannes. ... For months now, the Czech media have been living on government scandals. The readers seem to find this gutter-press coverage amusing, but there are many repetitions and it threatens to become boring. So Strauss-Kahn and von Trier are coming in very handy."

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