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Koludrović, Bernard

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 10/06/2013

Youth turns its back on Croatia

As a consequence of the ongoing economic crisis in Croatia, around half of the country's youth is unemployed. Many see emigration to other parts of Europe as their only recourse. Student activist Bernard Koludrović complains in the liberal daily Jutarnji List among other things that the Facebook group "Young people - let's leave Croatia" has 59,000 likes: "The current trend of young people wanting to leave the country is worrying. Not because it will reduce the workforce or because our educational elite is disappearing, but because we young people no longer believe we can improve the social situation. ... On the one hand we experience the lack of democratic principles on a daily basis, and on the other we're being coerced into modern slavery. While the political and economic elite can be pretty sure they'll remain well off, we can be pretty sure we'll be taken for a ride."

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