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Kollányi Zsófia, Liska János

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Figyelő - Hungary | 10/10/2008

Hungary only has itself to blame

The Hungarians should seek the causes of their problems among themselves rather than with the European Union, two authors for the Hungarian think-tank Demos write in the business newspaper Figyelõ. "The majority of Hungarians see EU membership as one of the root causes of their imaginary or real hardships. But to always attribute all one's troubles to external circumstances is extremely detrimental. ... The background to the current problems lies in the political changes of 1989/90. In comparison to those of its neighbouring countries, Hungarian society had a particularly negative experience of the post-communist transformation process. The main reason for this is ironically the notion that we in Hungary had it 'too easy' under communism. ... So within the space of a few years we went from being the 'happy shack' to the 'dreariest shopping centre'."

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