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Kolf, Florian

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 19/11/2013

Rich emirates can do what they want

Bolstered by its immense financial resources Qatar feels it can treat its workers in a way that is entirely unacceptable, the liberal business daily Handelsblatt criticises: "It's a pattern that is evident not just in the football business: as soon as the emirates start luring companies with contracts worth billions the red carpet is rolled out and companies going down on their knees becomes the return for products and services. ... So the impression is reaffirmed that the rulers of the emirates can do anything they want on the Gulf thanks to their financial clout. If politicians and businesses from Europe carelessly go along with this in their quest for good deals and new markets, they aren't doing themselves any favours in the long run. ... In Qatar we see the ugly face of capitalism: those who have the money and share out the contracts are allowed to exploit others without fear of sanctions."

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