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Kolev, Evgeni

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Bulgaria | 22/09/2011

Bulgarian parliamentarianism facing its demise

In a survey carried about by the opinion research agency Alpha Research, only five percent of the Bulgarian respondents voiced approval for the country's parliament. Bulgarian parliamentarianism is on its last legs from a moral standpoint because it is dominated by party interests, news portal complains: "The political ice age under [Prime Minister] Borisov has turned the parliament into a voiceless and spineless lackey for the party leadership [of the ruling party Gerb]. ... The five-percent death sentence pronounced by the respondents shows however that voters have indeed understood what kind of people are trying to govern them and their judgement is ruthless - on the pollsters' questionnaire today and on the ballot paper at the polls tomorrow. This may precipitate the long-wished-for death of Bulgaria's political class in its current, aberrant form. But this still leaves the question: where we are to find a new one?"

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