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Kokot, Michał

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 26/08/2014

Athens powerless against Nazis

The Greek parliament debates today a law that foresees tougher punishment for racist behaviour or incitement to racist violence. But fighting neo-Nazis in today's Greece is very much an uphill struggle, Michał Kokot writes in the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza: "Even if this law is passed, I doubt it will weaken the [neo-Nazi party] Golden Dawn. Ten percent of voters would go on voting for them. The Greeks are strapped for cash as a result of the crisis and still dream of being ruled with a strong hand. And they also have the support of the Church. Leading clergy members have even spoken out against the law on the grounds that it restricts the freedom of opinion. The neo-Nazis are more dangerous than ever, and the government has been trying to ban them from public life for almost a year now. But there's no sign that it's set to win the battle."

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