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Koike, Yuriko

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 23/08/2010

Yuriko Koike on Clinton's historical trip to Asia

The former Japanese defence minister Yuriko Koike sees US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Asia as marking a turning point in relations with China. In the liberal daily La Vanguardia she writes: "Hillary Clinton's most recent trip to Asia could one day prove to be the most important visit of a US diplomat since the secret mission of Henry Kissinger to Beijing in 1971, which set a diplomatic revolution in motion. The resumption of relations between the US and China changed the balance of power in global politics in the midst of the Cold War and prepared the terrain for the opening of the Chinese economy. A decision which more than any other led to the world being what it is today. What Clinton said and did during her tour will hail the end of an era begun by Kissinger four decades ago, or the beginning of a new, markedly different phase. During the trip she sent clear signals that the US is not prepared to tolerate China's desire to exercise regional hegemony."

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