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Kohen, Sami

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1.  Milliyet - Turkey | 14/04/2015

Pope's comments on genocide inappropriate

Pope Francis called the massacre of Armenians in 1915 genocide on Sunday, prompting a wave of criticism in Turkey. The conservative daily Milliyet finds the ... » more

2.  Milliyet - Turkey | 28/11/2014

Turkey can promote Islam during papal visit

Pope Francis will visit Turkey this weekend. The meeting between the head of the Catholic Church and Turkish President and devout Muslim Recep Tayip Erdoğan ... » more

3.  Milliyet - Turkey | 12/11/2014

Gas reserves exacerbate Cyprus conflict

Greece, Cyprus and Egypt resolved at a summit meeting in Cairo on the weekend to cooperate more closely on the exploitation of natural gas reserves ... » more

4.  Milliyet - Turkey | 25/07/2014

Disaster worsening with each minute that passes

A ceasefire is needed as quickly as possible, the conservative daily Milliyet urges: "With every hour and minute that passes the disaster worsens. ... A ... » more

5.  Milliyet - Turkey | 14/05/2014

Turkey shouldn't defy Council of Europe

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Monday that Turkey must pay 90 million euro in compensation for human rights abuses committed during its ... » more

6.  Milliyet - Turkey | 09/05/2014

Russian leader not so unpredictable after all

The fact that Putin is now putting more stress on diplomacy is not all that unpredictable, the conservative daily Milliyet claims, pointing out that there ... » more

7.  Milliyet - Turkey | 15/04/2014

Federalisation only if violence is renounced

Federalisation can only prevent the division of Ukraine if both sides renounce the use of violence, the conservative daily Milliyet believes: "The leadership in Kiev ... » more

8.  Milliyet - Turkey | 04/02/2014

Erdoğan's difficult mission in Berlin

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel today in Berlin with the aim of reviving his country's EU membership talks. ... » more

9.  Milliyet - Turkey | 31/01/2014

Turkey and Iran still at odds over Syria

Iran and Turkey are planning a united humanitarian action for Syria, Iranian President Hassan Rohani announced at a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ... » more

10.  Milliyet - Turkey | 24/01/2014

Now it's about the people of Syria

The international Syria conference will move on Friday from Montreux to Geneva, where the real negotiations on the future of Syria are to begin. The ... » more


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