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Koens, Olaf

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 27/01/2014

Demonstrators don't want compromise

The opposition won't reach an agreement with President Yanukovych because their fight long ago ceased to be about closer ties with Europe and became a fight against the regime instead, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant surmises: "Too little and too late - the concessions are not enough for the demonstrators on Independence Square. They want Yanukovych's head, or at least his resignation and new elections. The opposition has no control over the radicals who have been clashing violently with the police for over a week now. A compromise with the authorities would simply add fuel to the fire because armed with batons and shields, the radicals could just as easily turn against the opposition. ... This long since ceased to be about closer ties with Europe but about abuse of power and corruption in the country. 'Get rid of the gang' is the slogan, and all forms of authority are considered suspect."

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