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Koenig, Gaspard

is a novelist and the director of GenerationLibre, a Paris-based think-tank

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Les Echos - France | 08/09/2015

Gaspard Koenig explains Germany's seeming contradictions

Is Germany's stance on the refugee crisis in contradiction to its attitude to Greece? Not at all, explains Gaspard Koenig, author and head of the think tank GenerationLibre, in the liberal business paper Les Echos: "Nothing could be more superficial than to contrast Germany's 'cruelty' regarding Greece with its 'generosity' to the migrants. This is not about good or evil sentiments, but about the coherent application of one and the same political philosophy which triumphed after the Second World War and has never really been questioned since: ordoliberalism. It is in the name of inseparable market mechanisms and individual freedoms that debts must be repaid and the right to asylum granted. ... In France we have the opposite reflex: solidarity with the Greeks and rejection of the migrants. [Leader of the leftist Parti de Gauche] Jean-Luc Mélenchon and [head of the far-right Front National] Marine Le Pen take this attitude to extremes."

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