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Koen, Emil

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Trud - Bulgaria | 28/09/2011

Attack on Roma boss ethnically motivated

The riots in southern Bulgaria in which angry citizens burned down several houses belonging to the Roma leader Kiril Rashkov on Saturday night were ethnically motivated, according to the daily Trud: "Why did the angry mob set houses belonging to the fraudster Rashkov on fire, and not those of the many other light-skinned mafiosi? ... The answer is simple and obvious to everyone: Because the so-called Tsar Kiro is a Roma. For most Bulgarians the pale-skinned gangsters are every bit as distasteful and just as much a thorn in the side, but they are 'ours'. A dark-skinned mafioso, on the other hand, is the enemy par excellence. But only very few of us are willing to admit this truth, even to ourselves. Because only a few people openly display their racism, but there are many who hate the minorities but don't go around shouting bloodthirsty slogans."

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