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Kocina, Erich

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Die Presse - Austria | 27/05/2015

Gay marriage should not be put to referendum

The people of Ireland voted in favour of the introduction of same-sex marriages in a referendum last Friday. The decision may be welcome but the way it came about was undemocratic, the centre-right daily Die Presse complains: "Where is the outrage at the fact that the majority has decided on the rights of a minority? It can't really be heard. After all, things turned out all right in the end. ... Nevertheless, the outcome of a vote shouldn't play a role in whether or not the question is put to a referendum. The key question should be whether it is a suitable issue to be decided by direct vote, for example because it deals with a basic political orientation. For all other issues we have elected representatives who take a decision after weighing up all the arguments. And that is exactly how the sensitive issue of same-sex marriage should be dealt with."

Die Presse - Austria | 15/12/2011

The pub not the place for political education

The Austrian Institute for Youth Culture Research presented on Wednesday the results of a study according to which almost half of the 400 youths included in the survey held racist and anti-Semitic views. The liberal-conservative daily Die Presse sees this as a fatal legacy of the parent generation: "Can you describe youths as stuck in the past when they never experienced the past? Yes, you can. ... The open anti-Semitism and far more trenchant hostility towards Turks exposed by a recent study by the Institute for Youth Culture is a clear sign that the youth has seamlessly adopted the stupidity of the political discussion of their parents' generation, which was confined to shouting slogans. The consequence can only be: political education must become a compulsory subject. In compulsory schools. Because it's unacceptable that our youths learn their politics at the pub - where the common wisdom is that 'not everything was bad' under National Socialism."

Die Presse - Austria | 09/11/2009

Vaccination fever mounts

The first school in Vienna has been closed due to swine flu. Psychologically this is a good thing, as it will motivate those who have until now hesitated to have their children vaccinated, writes the daily Die Presse: "Why vaccinate when not even most doctors - or even most health ministers - think it's necessary? Under such circumstances the vaccination sourpusses will never stop stressing that they don't belong to a risk group. But then again, logic doesn't have much place in an emotional topic like this. Just like with speculation over shares, here too above all psychology plays a determining role. In times of great uncertainty small impulses are enough to start a mass movement - be it from share packages in the economy or worried parents in the case of the swine flu. Without going on about conspiracy theories, it must be said that even a pharmaceutical industry strategist couldn't have come up with a better measure than this school closure."

Die Presse - Austria | 13/02/2009

The Republic no longer turns a blind eye

The withdrawing of the teaching licence of an Islam religion teacher in Austria represents a paradigm shift, Die Presse newspaper writes: "A break with a practice that is enshrined in the constitution – and makes explicit reference to it. … Voilà – it can be as easy as this. ... But what does this shift in the way the state deals with religious education mean? Well, it could have far-reaching consequences, because a (legally underpinned) command from the ministry [of education] has a lot more clout than an ineffectual admonition from the municipal schools inspector, which at most has the character of a recommendation within the respective religious communities. The municipal schools inspector and the Islamic religious community are basing their arguments on a single case. But in view of the most recent study on Islam teachers according to which one in five see democracy as being at odds with Islam it is quite likely that the ministry will have to intervene again every now and then."

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