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Koch, Moritz

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 03/06/2014

Obama as saviour on climate protection

US President Barack Obama has set clear targets for carbon dioxide emissions for US power stations. By 2030 they must reduce their nationwide CO2 emissions by 30 percent compared to 2005, the US Environmental Protection Authority announced on Monday. The liberal business daily Handelsblatt now sees Obama in a new role: "That of the tardy, perhaps cautious yet nonetheless resolute climate protector. ... For the German government and the EU, who have been the sole pioneers on climate protection in recent decades, the emissions targets of the ex-saviour of humanity Obama come indeed as something like salvation - applying them is no longer in vain. America's change of course could also persuade China to change its mind. The international community had committed to limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius. Even if this goal is hardly achievable, the chance that deeds will follow on words has never been as great as it is now."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 02/05/2014

Obama and Merkel must display unity

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel will meet in Washington today to discuss the Ukraine crisis. The US president will call for stronger commitment from the German chancellor, the liberal business paper Handelsblatt believes: "America needs help, and is demanding it. If there is something like an Obama Doctrine, then its basic tenet is: the allies should shoulder more responsibility. ... With [Obama] at its helm America is not charging ahead, it is joining the pack. Obama calls that 'leading from behind'. A concept that well describes his understanding of politics, but which has brought him under heavy fire. At the same time, however, Obama is only apparently showing weakness. In reality his cautious approach is a tactic aimed at securing a minimum of Western unity and getting his allies used to the new realities of burden sharing. ... The US government sees Germany as a leading power. That's what it was in the euro crisis, and it still is now. In this situation it is of prime importance to have a German-American team that demonstrates a true bond of solidarity."

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