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Koch, Einar

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Bild - Germany | 11/10/2010

Seehofer errs with call for immigration stop

Horst Seehofer, leader of Germany's co-governing CSU party based in Bavaria, called last Friday for an immigration stop for Arabs and Turks. A silly move, writes the tabloid Bild: "The CSU leader has really blown it this time with his call for a stop to immigration! Such talk won't even help him reconquer the important sovereignty over the air space above Germany's regulars' tables. The regulars are far to clever for that! It's not a matter of letting NO more foreigners into the country. The question at hand is WHO comes to Germany and how ready they are to integrate. Seehofer intentionally chose the weekend Chancellor Merkel met Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan to start his new crusade for the Christian West. This targeted provocation can have only one explanation: Seehofer is up to his neck in trouble in his own party! The CSU's popularity has fallen to just 38 percent and [Defence Minister] Guttenberg is breathing down his neck - in such a tight spot you'll grasp at any straw you can."

Bild - Germany | 10/08/2010

EU wants new revenue sources

EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski will present plans in September for an EU tax that would flow directly into the EU budget. The tabloid paper Bild suggests a reform of spending structures instead: "This proposal from Lewandowski is the latest and most transparent attempt by the EU Commission to detach itself from the burdensome debate, particularly in Germany, about the level of membership contributions. To raise one's own budget on the income side evades any real parliamentary control. Because the EU Parliament has about as much oversight over money as a student council does over grades. Instead of new revenue sources, the EU needs structural reform for its expenditures! For example, why does Brussels need a separate foreign service, with some 2,000 employees? An EU tax? No thanks!"

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