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Knoops, Geert-Jan

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NRC next - Netherlands | 30/05/2011

Mladić already condemned

The arrest of Serb general Ratko Mladić last Thursday is by no means a victory for international justice, writes criminal law professor Geert-Jan Knoops in the daily "Mladić is being brought to trial mainly for political and economic reasons, while Bin Laden was executed. ... According to the law, everyone is innocent until proved guilty. The same politicians who agreed in international treaties that a trial should not be subject to external influence are now queuing up to voice their disgust about the crimes Mladić is supposed to have committed. In the eyes of the world Mladić has already been convicted. ... This shows once again how selectively international politics uses international law. This often has nothing to do with an honest, clean criminal law system but resembles a Roman arena where in the end the political power, namely the emperor, decides over life and death."

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