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Kınıklıoğlu, Suat

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Radikal - Turkey | 17/02/2015

AKP also to blame for violence against women

The brutal murder of a woman student has dominated the debate in all Turkey's media since the weekend. The demonstrations against violence against women that have taken place in several cities are also directed at the AKP government's image of women, the liberal online newspaper Radikal writes and explains why: "The main problem is the patriarchal culture and conservative agenda the government has increasingly been imposing on society since 2011, which aims to keep women shut away in their homes. There is a serious problem with the topic of sexuality. Otherwise wouldn't people have rejected the claims of those who say the sight of their mothers' knees provokes lustful thoughts or that miniskirts lead to rape? ... Or did we hear any protests when in 2011 Erdoğan said that the problem of violence against women was being exaggerated and then announced a few months ago that women and men didn't have equal rights? No, we didn't, and nor will we."

Radikal - Turkey | 07/10/2014

Turkey gambling away its credibility in Syria

Turkey will only send ground troops to Syria if the anti-IS coalition also takes action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Monday in an interview with US news channel CNN. But no one's interested any more in what Turkish politicians have to say, the liberal daily Radikal complains: "The situation of more than one million refugees whose number never stops rising is becoming a domestic burden. Ankara's worries are partially justified on this front. But the government can't explain this problem to anyone because in seeking to overthrow Assad it has closed its eyes to many negative developments. And this has discredited it in the eyes of the world. ... The government is known across the globe for its attacks on the freedom of opinion or the legal system, and it is having difficulty getting its views across to the outside world. Now it is paying the price for having lost its international legitimation since the Gezi Park protests."

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