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Knight, India

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The Times - United Kingdom | 04/07/2011

Manners the cornerstone of society

A British woman has sent an e-mail to her future daughter-in-law, criticising her poor manners and giving her tips on how to behave. The text went viral, after which its sender was subjected to global ridicule. Wrongly so, writes the conservative daily The Times, because good manners hold society together: "Manners are to do with respecting other people and if you don't respect other people - particularly people whose lives are going to be entwined with yours as in the case of prospective in-laws - then there's really very little hope when it comes to forming any kind of non-doomed relationship with anyone at all. ... It takes guts to have good manners: it sometimes feels as old-fashioned as walking around wearing a bowler hat, or travelling by phaeton (if only). It takes even greater guts to insist on them."

The Times - United Kingdom | 10/05/2010

Women challenge each other with their dieting

Women all over the world subject themselves to extreme and ineffective diets, even if they're not overweight. Journalist and author India Knight comments in the conservative daily The Times that magazines which compare the bodies of female stars and stir up rivalry between women are to blame: "The idea that diets are a monstrous tyranny imposed by the patriarchy to keep women in a permanent state of panic and anxiety strikes me as lazy and absurd: provided we're talking about the realms of normalcy, which I would say cover anything from a size 8 to a size 16, depending on height and body shape, men tend not to care very much about how much women weigh. For some peculiar reason, most women don't seem to have cottoned on to this: life would be so much nicer and saner if they had. The problem is other women, or rather how women want to appear to other women."

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