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Knigge, Michael

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Deutsche Welle - Germany | 25/11/2014

Hagel's departure means new US foreign policy

Chuck Hagel clearly wasn't the right choice for a US Defense Secretary facing new challenges in foreign policy, the public state broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes: "Like Obama, Hagel is deeply sceptical about the use of military force to solve international problems. ... Obama's rationale to hire Hagel to finally end the other war started by his predecessor - the one in Afghanistan - and trim down the Pentagon made sense at the time. But reality quickly took priority over their foreign policy plan to decrease America's military footprint in the Middle East and beyond. ... Meanwhile in Washington, the Obama administration has struggled to adapt to the changing geopolitical landscape. It still hasn't fully. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was not the right man for that task. Perhaps Obama now needs someone at the helm of the Pentagon who, in some ways, is less like himself."

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