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Knecht, Doris

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Kurier - Austria | 07/01/2016

Society trivialises sexual assaults

The large number of incidents of sexual harassment and assault in Cologne on New Year's Eve shed light on a long-neglected problem, the liberal daily Kurier writes. "Whereas in America awareness of 'street harassment' is slowly growing, in German-speaking countries there still isn't even an appropriate term to describe it. Harassment? That still depends too much on the observer's point of view. And where there's no term for a problem, there's no problem at all - or at least no awareness of it. For example consider the debate here in Austria about the so-called bum-pinching paragraph [paragraph 128 of the Austrian penal code], which shows that even today there is still no social consensus that this constitutes sexual harassment and consequently a criminal offence. And perhaps that also explains why it took the police in Cologne so long to detect a problem at all. ... Women have to accept that things like that can happen: why else are self-defence courses for girls now practically part of the school curriculum? Why else has it become normal for parents to enrol their daughters in such courses? Because it would be irresponsible and perhaps even perilous not to. That is our Western reality."

Kurier - Austria | 23/11/2011

Vienna's air better without cars

Vienna is currently thick with fog and smog. The politicians, however, lack the courage to impose a ban on the use of private vehicles, and Environment Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich even said on Tuesday that he was not responsible for keeping the air clean. The liberal daily Kurier nevertheless dreams of Utopia: "A car-free Vienna, even if just for one day a year? Absolutely unthinkable. But is it really? Let's imagine exactly how it would look: A driving ban would be extended across Vienna for one day. Except of course for ambulances and vehicles carrying disabled persons, the police, fire brigade and, because we don't want to harm the economy, delivery vehicles. Everyone else would get around for a day on the trams and subways. And by bike. First of all that would have the desired effect on the environment and air quality. Secondly it would be good publicity for public transport. Rumour has it that some residents of Vienna haven't used it for years, or even decades."

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